Friday, September 22

It's been a fun-filled and exciting three weeks in the French program here at St. Stephen.  It was wonderful to see many of you last evening at our Program Night.  If I didn't get a chance to touch base with you, I apologize... it was my first time doing so many presentations in one night!  I promise, I will get better!
So far this school year in grade one and two, our focus is on back to school.  We learned vocabulary words associated with our daily school day such as:
le crayon
le cahier
les chaussures
As well, we are learning to ask to go to the bathroom, get a drink and sharpen our pencils in French too.  I'm very pleased how quickly the students are picking up these simple questions.
This coming week, we will be exploring the season l'automne and singing new songs to build on this theme.  We have been talking about "les pommes" quite a bit lately, and will continue to talk about this topic through songs, written work and stories.
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the glorious sunshine!
Mme B


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